Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger

SKU: VC_Xiao_001
€ 61.00 EUR
Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger it is very easy to charge your smartphone in the car without any annoying cords. The Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger supports 20W max quick charging so your smartphone is charged on the go. The automatic opening system allows you to easily put your phone on and take it off with one hand. The built-in infrared sensor automatically detects the phone and opens the charger. The car charger can easily be placed on any ventilation grille, but you can also use the included sticker to place it somewhere on a flat surface.

Outputs: Wireless
Compatible with: Android and iOS
QuickCharge:Y es
Charging speed: The Mi 9 (3300mAh battery) in 90 minutes
Maximum input: 9V/3A
Power: 20W
Weight: 150 g
Colour: Black
Package content: Car charger, USB-C cable, manual