Tesa 51608 Black Fuzzy Fleece Interior Wire Loom Harness Tape 19 mm X 15

SKU: VC_TS_001
€ 4.60 EUR

Noise Reducer: Tesa flexible tape is used to reduce noise, squeaks, rattles and vibration. Adhesive tapes are used for sound and vibration reducing in the automotive, marine, aerospace, electronics and construction industries.
Abrasion Resistance: it is a property which allows a material to resist wear. Tesa tape is the conformable strong tape that offers excellent dead stretch properties designed to provide excellent abrasion resistance
Material & Size: Black Tesa tape is made with pet glue (Pressure sensitive adhesive). Heavy duty tape size is 19 mm width, 15 m length with excellent abrasion resistant and high-temperature 105-degree pressure sensitive adhesive.
Bundling Strength: Tesa tape automotive as strong as your brand’s reputation, you can count on the consistently reliable, market-leading heat strapping tape technology for bundling. This high strength tape can be used for packaging and non-packaging applications.
Money Back Guarantee: Your satisfaction means everything to us. Feel confident knowing that you've made a safe choice with our 100% money back guarantee. We are so confident that you'll love our beautiful Tesa tape!