Bolsius Tea Light Candles 100 pcs

€ 21.99 EUR

Bolsius Tea Light Candles 100 pcs. Bolsius tea lights have a long burning time (up to 4 hours) and come in a bag of 100. Every Bolsius candle is made with skilled craftsmanship and with a sharp focus on quality. As a result, the tea lights don't soot and there's no smoulder or smoke when you burn them. The cotton wick (also called the candlewick) is weaved in such a way that your candle always burns with a stable flame.
The tea lights are not only functional, but also create a tranquil ambience if you place them in a nice tea light holder. Enjoy the magic of natural light!

  • High quality
  • Perfect flame for up to 4h
  • Clean burning action
  • Material Wax