WTB Rocket Medium Titanium Black Saddle

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€ 152.00 EUR

The Rocket is an incredibly versatile saddle. It's popular from road to mountain, gravity to long distance. From a two minute hair raising downhill to a 2700 mile individual time trial, the Rocket is the top choice for those pushing the sport. Found on all WTB saddles, the Love Channel has one very important task: protecting your body from unwanted pressure. The central depression provides soft-tissue relief without sacrificing the structural integrity of the saddle. Strategically placed gel inserts conform to the specific shape and width of a rider’s sit bones to provide a fit that is unique to the rider. The gel inserts are surrounded by the Standard Padding to provide additional padding that will not pinch or put pressure on soft tissues.

Manufacturer: WTB
Part number: W065-0592
Item Weight: 215g
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