Stockmar 16 Block Beeswax Crayons in Tin Case

€ 40.00 EUR

Stockmar Wax Block Crayon 16 in tin. These beautiful crayons provide vibrant colour and are suited to young and old artists alike.

With their vivid colors and pleasant fragrance, they appeal to a child’s senses. The size and flat shape of these wax blocks, which are made from the same materials and identical in color to the Stockmar stick crayons, sit well in a younger child’s hand. They are also suitable for first markmakings. Later, the block crayons can be used even more creatively: they allow one to draw colorful areas easily, like shading large areas (think fields, water or the sky) or making borders on a page with their edges.

Colours of the set:  01 carmine red | 02 vermilion | 03 orange | 04 golden yellow | 05 lemon yellow | 06 yellow green | 07 green | 08 blue green | 09 blue | 10 ultramarine | 11 blue violet | 12 red violet | 13 rust | 14 yellow brown | 15 black | 16 white.