Solinco Tour Bite (17-1.20mm) Tennis String Reel 200m

€ 155.00 EUR
Solinco Tour Bite is a co-polyester shaped string with plenty of bite and spin potential. Tour Bite has a monofilament construction and square shape which is what gives players the necessary control and spin to dominate the court. One of the most popular tennis strings in all of college tennis, this string bites into the ball to give you more depth and dive on your shots. Players that want to take big cuts at the ball can really go their shots thanks to Tour Bite's low power, which comes from its monofilament and polyester construction. Overall, Solinco Tour Bite is a low powered and spin friendly string that lets you go for big shots.

Gauge: 17
Diameter: 1.20 mm.
Composition: Co-Polyester
Shape: Square
Colour: Silver
Length: 200 m.