Soft99 Fusso 12 Months Wax Dark Color

€ 60.00 EUR
Soft99 Fusso Coat Dark is the benchmark of durable waxes due to it's incredible durability and fantastic hydrophobic properties (water beading). Fusso Dark can last up to 12 months with good paint preparation however can still last an incredible amount of time without any prep work, making this an extremely capable wax and stand out from many others, which simply don't last without doing the prep work. 

Brand - SOFT 99
Item Form - Wax
Item Weight - 200g

How to apply:
1.Wash your car using a wax free shampoo (aka a pure shampoo)
2. Apply small amount of Fusso with the sponge included and spread it as even as possible in circular motion (less is more! Keep spreading the product until you are struggling to see it).
3. Allow it to cure for at least 10-15minutes (shorter when hot, longer when cold - a panel or 2 at a time is advised)
4. Use a car detailing grade microfibre, buff/wipe of residue, flipping and folding the towel when needed.
5. Using another microfibre towel, give your car a final wipe down.