Cutter All Family Mosquito Repellent Wipes, 15 Wipes, (Pack of 3)

€ 25.00 EUR
Cutter All Family Mosquito Wipes are soft on skin but tough on bugs. These towelettes are formulated with 7.15 percent DEET formula to repel mosquitoes including those that may transmit the Zika West Nile Dengue and Chikungunya viruses. Cutter All Family Mosquito Wipes never feel greasy or oily on your skin. The gentle but effective formula also wards off other annoying insects including ticks biting flies gnats no-see-ums chiggers and fleas. For outdoor use only. Cutter All Family Mosquito Wipes allow for controlled application of insect repellent to face ears and neck. Resealable package for multiple outings.