NGK 3186 G-Power Platinum TR5GP Spark Plugs 4 Pack

SKU: Vini_NGK_002
€ 27.30 EUR
NGK 3186 G-Power Platinum TR5GP Spark Plugs are the best single platinum plug at an economical price. G-Power plugs have a fine wire platinum center electrode that provides excellent performance and fuel efficiency. The NGK G-power Platinum plug has a trapezoidal cut ground electrode that offers increased durability over the conventional nickel plug and improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, faster starts and quicker acceleration. Trivalent metal plating eliminates the need for anti-seize. For better performance consider upgrading to a NGK Iridium IX plug.

Part number: 3186
Weight: 45g
Pre-Gap Size: 0.10cm
Metal Type: Platinum
Electrical Terminal Type: Non-Removable Nut
Seat Type: Tapered
Center Electrode Tip Material: Platinum
Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel Alloy
Ground Configuration: Single
Resistor Type: Yes
Center Electrode Core Material: Copper
Manufacturer Heat Range:5