Osram 66340HBI Xenarc 35W D3S PK32D-5 4600K HID Xenon Light Bulb Pack of 2

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Osram 66340HBI Xenarc 35W D3S PK32D-5 4600K HID Xenon Light Bulb Pack of 2 

The market offers a vast choice of xenon bulbs, choose a reliable and high quality product, choose Osram. With a color temperature of 4600K, these headlight bulbs produce brightness similar to natural sun light, which means less fatigue for the drivers eyes and a more comfortable night driving experience. In addition to that, the extraordinary intensity of the light offers better visibility which translates into shorter reaction times and greater road safety. Elegance, style, long life, excellent visibility and greater safety, all this with one bulb, the OSRAM XENARC xenon bulb!

Experience improved style of Osram Xenarc Xenon Light Bulbs  

Xenon bulbs not only provide a more beautiful look to your car, but provide longer life and significantly stronger brightness than standard bulbs. Xenon bulbs emit a whiter color and have a stronger brilliance than classic bulbs. These xenon bulbs boast an outstanding product range and reliable OEM quality. Osram bulbs are used by many car manufacturers as standard equipment and as original spare parts.

Trust the number one - just as so many international car manufacturers do

Osram is a global market leader in the field of vehicle lamps. Each year, half of all globally manufactured cars are equipped with our light sources. Our customers include some of the largest international automotive companies. Put simply: With Osram, you can trust in light solutions that always meet ever-growing safety requirements and impress with the very highest OSRAM quality and performance standards.

Impressive at a glance:

  • Up to 200 % more brightness (more light allows to see further and react sooner compared to the minimum legal standard)
  • Up to 250 m long beam (for better visibility)
  • Up to 20 % whiter light (closer to laser look compared  to the minimum legal standard)


Technical Information:

  • ECE: D3S
  • Color temperature: 4600 K
  • Voltage: 42V
  • Wattage: 35W
  • Base: PK32d-6