1. Definitions

1.1. Vinicart – the website owned by UAB “Tera Group Europe”, company code: 304835940, office address: Veiveriu st. 142, Kaunas 46353, Lithuania.

1.2. Customer – an individual or a legal person or a company, indicated in the Order.

1.3. Goods – any products specified in the Order.

1.4. Manufacturer – the supplier of the original products of a brand specified in section “Our brands” on the Vinicart website. In case of supply of production from the partners of the above mentioned manufacturers – a product producer in any country of the world and/or it’s entrusted wholesale dealer from whom Vinicart buys the products.

1.5. Purchase order – a list of goods chosen by the Customer and their final pricelist that is sent to the Vinicart.

1.6. Order confirmation – an email sent from Vinicart to the e-mail address specified by the Customer in his order, by which Vinicart confirms the list and prices of the goods chosen by the Customer.

2. Purchase contract subject

2.1. Vinicart undertakes to provide the Customer with the Goods according to the terms and conditions of this Contract and the Customer undertakes to accept the Goods and pay the cost, indicated in the Purchase order.

2.2. This contract does not change/amend/cancel any other agreements between Vinicart and the Customer, unless both parties agree otherwise in written.

3. Becoming a party in the purchase contract

3.1. A Purchase contract is concluded after the Customer fills in and submits the Purchase order to Vinicart by the use of this webpage. After the Purchase order has been submitted, the data of it cannot be amended. The Purchase contract conclusion is confirmed automatically, by sending a confirmation letter to the email that the Customer specified.

3.2. If the person filling out the Purchase order is doing so in any other person‘s name, the sending of Purchase order confirms, that he/she is properly entrusted and granted enough legal power to decide on the matters of quantity and price of the goods and is properly empowered to enter this Contract and claim the goods.

4. Delivery of Goods

4.1. Goods are delivered to the Customer by courier services. The Customer decides which delivery type and/or price he/she prefers while submitting the Purchase order online.

4.2. If the Goods have not been delivered within a specified time frame, the Customer shall inform Vinicart’s Customer Support Team about this by email info@vinicart.com or by phone +370 665 23232.


5. Warranty and claims

5.1. The Goods are subject to 24 months quality guarantee, if not stated otherwise in Products description. Claims regarding the obvious, easily detectable and seen defects, are accepted within 24 hours from the moment the goods were delivered.

5.2. The warranty period and Vinicart‘s liability do not cover: a) faults or any defects, that have appeared and/or happened without any fault of Vinicart; b) non-original and/or used goods, that the Customer knowingly accepted from Vinicart; c) other cases, stated in separate agreements of the parties.

5.3. Vinicart does not take responsibility for and does not guarantee any quality of the Goods that are expendables by default and became fully or partially unusable due to intensive use.

6. Price and payment

6.1. The price of the Goods shall be indicated on Vinicart’s website. The price of the Goods shall be provisional and under certain circumstances (such as changes of applicable customs duties, excise duties and other respective tax rates, changes of the currency exchanges rates, etc.) it may be reduced or increased by Vinicart’s discretion, but not more than in 20%.

6.2. The Customer shall pay for the Goods by one of the following methods:

6.2.1. By a bank transfer sending payment to Vinicart’s bank account No. LT514010051004207920 with the bank AB bankas “Luminor”. It is necessary to indicate the Order’s number as the payment purpose;

6.2.2. Payment through the PayPal system.

7. Rights of third parties

7.1. Any party that is not the party of this agreement (for example, Receiver) cannot make any claims and/or enforce other conditions

8. Contract termination

8.1. Vinicart has the right to terminate this contract or to refuse to provide the Goods if it becomes clear that the Manufacturer does not have the possibility to provide the Goods or to provide the Goods on time. In such case, Vinicart is obliged to refund Customer’s payment, but holds no responsibility for not providing the Goods.

8.2. This contract can be changed and amended according to the written agreements of both parties.

9. Other provisions

9.1. Vinicart retains an irrevocable right to amend and supplement these Terms and conditions at any time and ex parte, in any way and to any extent in case it is necessary in accordance with the applicable law and on discretion of Vinicart. The amended (updated) edition of the present Rules shall be provided on the Website of Vinicart. In case the Customer keeps on using the Website or places Orders after the appropriate amendment of these provisions in accordance with the amended (updated) provisions of the Rules (Terms and conditions), it will be considered the Customer has agreed with the new edition of the Rules and accepted the amendments. It is recommended for the Customer to check the Website on a regular basis to get information about any possible amendments (updates).

9.2. All disputes are solved in the negotiations. Unless an agreement is found, disputes are solved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. In case a dispute shall be transferred to the court, the case would be judged in Kaunas Chamber under Kaunas District Court.

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