Stockmar 8 Block Beeswax Crayons in Tin Case

€ 25.00 EUR

Featuring rich color payoff and highly pigmented, and a pleasing fragrance from the addition of natural beeswax, these outstanding blocks of crayon wax are safety-tested and non-toxic. They can easily be cleaned off surfaces with a soft cloth and a bit of vegetable oil. Block crayons will not crumble or break and should last for years

These block crayons are the perfect size and shape for the palm grip of toddlers with small hands. Forget about the crayons that break easily and frustrate kids because these Stockmar blocks are solid and firm.

COLORS INCLUDED: 01 Carmine Red | 03 Orange | 05 Lemon Yellow | 07 Green | 09 Blue | 11 Blue Violet | 13 Rust | 15 Black