NGK Racing R0045Q-10 Spark Plug

SKU: Vini_NGK_004
€ 81.25 EUR
A world reference in terms of spark plugs and original assembly, NGK offers you an R0045Q-10 for your vehicle. Remember that the interference suppressor must correspond to the model of the spark plug (1 kΩ, 5 kΩ or 10 kΩ) in order to ensure its correct operation and correct ignition. Precious metals used for greater durability and lower voltage requirements. Fine wire electrodes provide better sparking for enhance ignitability. Special configurations are used to improve throttle response.

Type: Resistor type
Thread Size: 10mm
Hex Size: 16mm
Reach: 19mm
Gap: 1mm
Insulation Projection: 1mm
Centre Electrode:
Type: Standard
Material: Nickel
Size: 2.5mm
Projection: Non-Projected
Ground Electrode:
Type: Surface Discharge
Material: Nickel
Notes: Racing type
Spanner Size: 16 mm
Outer thread: 10,0 mm
Thread Length: 19,0 mm
Spark Plug Connector Type M4
Spark Position: 0,3mm
Spark Plug interference Suppression: 5 kOhm