Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Pro Violin Strings DP100

€ 80.00 EUR
We're delighted to introduce Thomastik Dominant Pro Violin Strings, a new and improved version of the original classic, designed for the modern professional performer.
  • Exceptionally powerful compared to classic Dominant
  • Good balance of brilliance & warmth
  • Broad range of sound colors
  • Warmer and broader than PIs with less tension
  • Supports the radiance of the instrument
  • Reacts immediately with a focused sound core
  • A sound that fills the room
  • Bell-like tonal character
  • High resistance to bow pressure
  • Suitable for soloists, orchestra and fiddle playing.
  • Very high dynamic level (can be played very quietly and very loudly)
String Specifications

E: Carbon steel, tin-plated. Removable ball-end. (Tension: 17.6)
A: Synthetic core, aluminum wound ball-end (Tension: 12.1)
D: Synthetic core, silver wound ball-end (Tension: 9.9)
G: Synthetic core, silver wound ball-end (Tension: 10.1)