Tektro E10.11 Organic Compound Disc Brake Pads

€ 14.99 EUR

Tektro E10.11 Organic Compound Disc Brake Pads. Organic brake pads for Tektro Auriga Comp, Orion, Auriga E-Comp, Draco 1/2, Draco WS and Aquila disc brakes. Organic brake pads have a softer braking sensation, are silent under wet conditions and put less thermal stress on the brake. They do have more wear and less braking power than sintered brake pads. With integrated wear indicator. 

  • Less noise resin pad
  • With return spring

Compatibility: HD-M740 / HD-M730 / HD-M520 / HD-M521 / HD-M510 / HD-M500 / HD-M501 / HD-M290 /HD- M291 / HD-M285 / HD-M286 / HD-T710 / HD-T520 / HD-T530 / HD-T290 / HD-T285 / HD-T525 / MD-M500 / MD-M300 / MD-M280 / MD-C510 / MD-C400