Park And Sun Sports Portable Pickleball Tennis Net Combo Set

€ 100.00 EUR

The game of pickleball and or tennis goes where you go with the Portable Pickleball and Tennis combo Set. Set up a pickleball or tennis match in the driveway, the park - or anywhere with a flat surface. This quick and easy, super-portable pickleball tennis net is 15’ long and 32” high for practice or a friendly game. The net goes over the frame via easy side sleeves, and features 1” high-visibility top tape and easy tension straps. The frame is made of 1” tubular steel, finished in black and designed with 1-5/8” diameter support stands, 36” wide end stands so it stays up during the match. This complete set also includes 2 wooden rackets, 1 foam and 1 plastic practice ball, and a convenient carry bag for the whole set.

Poles:1" 5-piece steel cross bar; 2 - 1-5/8" support frame bases.
Net:15’ net with 2-1/2” side sleeves, 1” net mesh and 1” top net tape with 33” top net playing height with Velcro top and bottom net tension straps.
Paddles:2 - Wood pickleball paddles with soft handle grip and full print.
Balls:1 - Plastic pickleball and a - High bounce foam ball.
Bag:Durable equipment bag.