GYEON Quartz Q² Leather Coat

SKU: VC_Gye_003
€ 22.40 EUR

GYEON Quartz Q² Leather Coat is a leather coating that offers durable protection without changing the look or feel of the surface. This extremely hydrophobic formula leaves leather resistant to liquids, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. GYEON Q2 Leather Coat is easy to apply and lasts up to 3 months—no more stress about leather care!

HOW TO USE: Work on a clean, dry surface out of direct sunlight. Spray GYEON Quartz Q² Leather Coat onto a microfiber applicator pad. Apply an even layer of GYEON Q2 Leather Coat onto the surface being treated. Allow at least 12 hours of drying time prior to use. For greater protection and more even coverage, a second coat can be applied after one hour.