VW RNS510 MFD3 touchscreen navigation and SSD hard drive Original Neuteilenr: 1T0 035 680 P Original VW RNS 510 satellite navigation unit Ssddas latest maps V12 is the hard drive, navigate without DVD is therefore delivery is selected.To Voice Commands, is with the type.
Suitable for the following cars: VW Passat, Scirocco
Golf V
Golf VI
Goal input over map with cursor or toutch, Coordinate Display or pop-up window view 7 inch LCD display, dynamic guidance with RDS and Traffic Message Channel 3D card representations and split screen function route display in Perspektivischer card display Display up to three routes in the single goal mode simplified detail in front of the current travel Manövers (Cross Card) display of the next three driving manoeuvres Special goals can be selected (Railway Stations, restaurants, parking, theatre, hotel, etc) Radio System with two FM tuners DVD drive (For Navigation DVD, audio CDs and MP3 player) play MP3 's integrated memory card reader (you will only receive one slot for MMC or SD card) Flexible MMI control logic TV and Teletext Reception (Optional) CD changer for audio CDs with Bose sound system (Optional)
If you have any questions please or call, we will be happy to help.The type RNS510 can charge you can also see in our first watch
Box Contents:
1 x VW RNS510 NAVIGATION 100% Brand New.
1x MAP Material on FESTPLATTE1X devices Code is